2 Types of Windshield Damages That Require Auto Glass Replacement

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Many drivers do not think about their windshields unless they get damaged. Windshields play a vital role in protecting the interior of vehicles against the force of the wind, the elements, and flying debris. Intact windshields can also provide protection when car accidents occur. Sometimes windshields get damaged, and car owners may attempt to assess the damages on their own. Minor damage might be able to be remedied with repair services. However, some individuals do not seek a professional opinion, which can lead to the damages getting worse. Another potential issue is misjudging the damage as a minor repair issue when in reality it requires an auto glass replacement. The following points identify a few situations that make replacement the safest solution.

Glass with Hazy Appearance

This is a phenomenon that can occur when there has been a previous auto glass repair. Glass technicians use a variety of techniques to make repairs. Sometimes the finishing touches require the application of a protective resin coating. The purpose of the glass resin is to keep the underlying repaired glass protected and extend the lifespan of the windshield.

A driver who notices that their windshield's appearance is starting to look a whitish haze should consider seeking auto glass services. The change is likely a sign that the coating is wearing off, and it will not provide the same protection. Glass technicians will likely recommend replacement due to the haze potentially obstructing driving view and the diminished integrity of the glass.


There are a variety of windshield cracks, and some require auto glass replacement. Large cracks are usually considered a safety hazard and not a good fit for repairs. Sometimes the original cracks that drivers get can be repaired, but their procrastination leads to worse damage. Spiderweb cracks are another type of crack that warrants a replacement. These cracks are usually caused by flying debris, and drivers may assume that if they are small there is no need to worry. However, these cracks should be considered as an array of small cracks clustered together. They are not suitable for repair services. A good rule of thumb is that any crack that interferes with a driver's visibility is a sign that glass replacement is needed.

An auto glass installation company is a good resource to use to inspect windshield damages. They can perform auto glass replacement and repair services. The technicians are able to source OEM and aftermarket windshields, which means that there are replacement options for different budgets. If insurance coverage covers the damage, they can furnish the supporting information for the claim.

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