3 Types Of Dangerous Windshield Cracks

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Your windshield is a vital part of your vehicle's safety system. However, a damaged windshield could compromise your ability to see the road clearly. Damaged windshields are not able to help maintain cabin integrity in the event of a rollover or front-end collision.

If you see a crack in your windshield, you should replace the damaged glass quickly. There are a few types of windshield cracks that have the potential to create serious problems if they are not addressed in a timely manner.

1. Edge Cracks

As their name suggests, edge cracks occur around the outer perimeter of your windshield. These types of cracks are especially troublesome because they can compromise the seal between your windshield and your vehicle's frame. They can create small gaps that allow water to seep through. This water can infiltrate the cabin of your vehicle, causing serious problems over time. For example, an edge crack could lead to electrical damage, mold, or mildew if not addressed quickly.

You should replace your damaged windshield to eliminate any potential leaks caused by edge cracks.

2. Star Cracks

A star crack forms when a piece of debris hits your windshield traveling at a high rate of speed. You will see a definitive central impact point, with small cracks extending outward from the impact point in multiple directions. These cracks can be incredibly dangerous. Sunlight can refract and bend as it travels through it. This refraction can temporarily blind drivers by creating a glare. The risk of being involved in an accident is greater when the glare from a star crack impedes your vision.

As such, you must replace your damaged windshield immediately to avoid the devastating effects of a star crack.

3. Floater Cracks

Floater cracks are linear cracks that can appear anywhere on the surface of your windshield. These cracks might not seem like a serious problem, but they can put the integrity of your windshield at risk. Things like temperature directly affects the behavior of a floater crack. Even a minor temperature fluctuation can cause your windshield to expand or contract. When this movement occurs, floater cracks can spread quickly across your windshield.

The easiest way to avoid a total windshield failure is to replace auto glass affected by a floater crack as soon as possible.

Floater cracks, star cracks, and edge cracks are all forms of windshield damage that drivers must be able to spot. If your windshield shows any signs of damage, have it replaced by an experienced auto glass professional to preserve the safety of your vehicle. They can provide additional information regarding windshield crack repair

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