Subtle Signs That Your Windshield Should Be Replaced

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While most car owners know that a cracked or broken windshield needs to be replaced, many don't realize that there are other situations in which you should consider replacing your windshield as well. When you understand the common signs that your car's windshield is in need of replacement, you'll be better prepared to address the issues properly and safely. Here's a look at some of the signs that you should watch for that mean your car might need a windshield replacement.

Hazy Or Discolored Glass

If your car's windshield has become hazy or discolored and you can't seem to clear it with typical cleaning products, that's a sign that the glass itself has suffered from surface abrasions, weather damage, or other wear. This can interfere with your ability to see clearly, which is a safety concern. 

Additionally, sometimes surface abrasions and such can weaken the integrity of the glass and lead to cracking or breaking. If you've noticed that your windshield is getting hazy or seems discolored, reach out to a windshield glass replacement professional as soon as possible.

Leaks Around Your Windshield

If you have noticed water seeping in around any areas of your windshield when it rains, that's an indication that the gasket sealing your windshield into place has failed. When this happens, it creates a vulnerability because you don't have the full structural integrity of the windshield anymore. 

You might think that it's just a small problem that can be fixed with a little bit of sealant, but the truth is that a failing seal is simply going to continue to deteriorate until the windshield itself breaks, potentially while you're on the road. If your windshield is leaking, have it replaced right away.

Hearing Wind Noise

When your windshield is installed, it's sealed all the way around and then covered with a rubber gasket to protect it. Sometimes, these things can fail and cause the windshield to become loose in spots. While this may not always lead to a leaking windshield, it almost always leads to wind sounds in the car's passenger area when you're driving.

If you have the windows up, the blower fan off, and no radio, listen carefully to the sounds inside your car. If you can hear wind whistling as though it's coming into the car, that's a sign that your windshield is failing. You'll need to talk with a windshield replacement technician to resolve the problem.

These are some of the most common signs that your car's windshield needs to be replaced. Contact a windshield replacement company, such as Signature Shield, for more help.  

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