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As an A+ rated member of the BBB, we would love to have you post your review of your car buying experience at Dream Cars here in Delmar. Please click here and let us know how we did. As always, we would like to hear from you personally as well. 

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Dream Cars- A+

Did you know that Dream Cars carries an A+ Rating with the BBB? What does this mean? It means that Dream Cars adheres to the highest standards set by the BBB. The  standards are as follows-

1. Build Trust

2. Advertise Honestly

3. Tell The Truth

4. Be Transparent 

5. Honor Promises

6. Be Responsive

7. Safeguard Privacy

8. Embody Integrity 

To be accredited by the BBB the business must affirm that it meets and affirms the above standards. Click here to see our Rating .